Monday, 9 April, 2012

Movie Review: Racha

I have to admit this, what a film! If I had no brains, this definitely would have been a classic. Thank god for I am still sane and haven’t lost it yet!

Firstly, I’d like to know if the director Sampath Nandi is an educated man. If so, is he from this generation, or is he re-living in his after life?? Cos in my opinion, no sensible man would try to make such kind of dumb-ass pathetic movie. The story made no absolute sense, and the screenplay was horrendous. The best part for me was when, out of the blue, our villain arranges for traps and Ninja warriors in a jungle in AP, minutes after discovering where our hero is. I mean how did he even do that?? Wow!!

Ram Charan, where do I even start?? Ok, his dances are pretty good, but someone needs to tell this moron (spare my words), that his dances alone are not going to make him a mega power star or what ever he’s called. Trust me, if he weren’t Chiranjeevi’s son (who happens to be one of my favorite “actors”), this guy wouldn’t even get to be hero’s sidekick. Maghadeera was a hit because of Rajamouli, not this jackass.

The whole cast was absolutely wasted. Senior artists like Bramhanadam, Ali, Kota, Geeta, Mukesh Rushi, Nassar all looked like idiots. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy was alright (thank god for that), but editing by Gowtham Raju was pathetic. It’s the worst editing I’ve seen so far, for the scene changed on most occasions even without the artiste completing his or her dialogue. Dialogues bu Paruchri Brothers are a disaster. And music?? It was a relief, trust me, to have songs barging in into the script without any reason. Except for “Vaana Vaana” song, the rest were alright (Even third grade remixes are better than the one used in the movie). 

Overall, a disaster. If this film is declared a hit (which I believe it is), I can’t imagine what will happen to the Telugu industry in the future.

Verdict: 4.5/10
I give this film a 4.5, for it made me laugh my lungs out on most occasions. The sheer stupidity was a pleasure to watch!!

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PS: The god’s did show mercy on me for I dared to watch this film. They not only got me a free ticket, but a cola, refreshments and additional 100 rupees!!


Thrinath Chakravarthy Jalamadugu said...

Direction department is utter failure. No doubt. Screenplay is so confusing. No relation to scene to scene.

And btw, how did you win a free ticket sasikanth :)

Thrinath Chakravarthy Jalamadugu said...

Direction dept. failed utterly. No sense at all. Screenplay at the foolest. If some one has noticed, the story line resembles the Bunny (i.e. killing heros father since he is donating his acres of land to the poor) movie by allu arjun

Unknown said...

I agree!!

Long story for the free ticket :) It's a secret I can't disclose on a public platform :P

Thrinath Chakravarthy Jalamadugu said...

ok then you can mail me the secret ;)

Remember with great secret comes great responsibility of sharing it ;)